Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Hey LI golfers,

I just checked the weather report and and 8:07AM on Thursday, the first day of the US Open Championship, it appears Tiger will tee off in heavy rain.

What is it with the golf and rain g-ds? Why can't they mutually agree to have a Major championship on Bethpage Black without rain? It happened in 2002 and from what every weather expert says or posts, it looks like Tiger's toes will be squishing water in his shoes as he slogs through the Black course, on his way of course to shoot a 68 or there abouts.

So, what's are golf fans like us to do. First thing is to leave our cell phone behind. That in itself is tough. But, I remember seeing several people slip and slide in 2002, I just hope that I will not be one of them this year. After all, my legs ain't what they used to be seven years ago. I've already, scoped out where I'll take up residence the next few days.

I did hear that a relative of a friend rented his house to a PGA TOUR player and received $8,000 for the week. That's a lot better than many of the competitors in the US Open will make for the week.

Course of the week: Hamlet Wind Watch. A truly great golf course that is not as tight as the stories you may have heard. There's a few hills, but in a cart they're manageable. The greens are in great shape and the service in the pro shop and in the grill room is superb. If you're looking to treat yourself or a client, check out this beauty, off the LIE # 57.

See you at Bethpage.


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